Small business

At Optimum Financial Controls, we are committed to providing professional fraud prevention services that are accessible to all businesses. We understand that many businesses, particularly small businesses, may find it difficult to invest in fraud prevention services due to the costs that are usually associated with it. Our business was founded out of our own personal experience. We saw our local pizza place close due to fraud and were motivated to create a business that was dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes protect themselves from fraud. We make sure to provide services that are both professional and cost-effective so that companies can rest easy knowing that their finances are secure.

Services offered

Fraud Control Assessments

We will determine your vulnerability to fraud.

Employee Verification

Verify credentials of current and prespective Employees

Fraud Prevention Program Development

Personalized programs for your organization.

Internal Control Testing

Ensure that current Internal Controls are functioning correctly.

Fraud Detection

When fraud is suspected or as a safety review.

Fraud Control Reports

Prepared reports to present to Investors.

Vendor Fraud Prevention

We can help ensure that vendor fraud does not occur.

Vendor Verification

Know who your vendors are before you place trust in them.

Fraud triangle


  • Family-owned companies
  • Retailers
  • Restaurants
  • Service businesses
  • Mobile Businesses
  • Franchises